• Courtney

Our Commitment to Our Community

When you start a small business, you often get asked, “So, what did you do before this?”

I’ve spent almost my entire career working in non-profits. I even got my master’s degree in non-profit management. I always dreamed of starting my own non-profit. If we suddenly hit the lottery, I would start a foundation in a heartbeat, giving back to all of the causes that are near and dear to my heart.

Taking a turn into the small business world was never on my radar. That is… until I got the idea for Your Hangout Spot.

What do you do with an idea? You change the world. (Seriously, my most favorite book to read to my boys!)

My non-profit roots run deep through Your Hangout Spot. I am committed to running a business with a social purpose and giving back as much as I can through it.

We donate five percent of our monthly sales to a non-profit in our area. We donate 50 percent of our sales from fundraisers back to the non-profit we are hosting. We believe we should never make more money than the group you are supporting.

Non-profits and small businesses are at the core of every community. We are so thankful to have found a place where we can run a purpose-driven business and give back in every way we can.

A very special “shout out” to some of the amazing non-profits that have allowed us to be a part of their fundraising efforts so far!

Contact us to share non-profits in our area that you would like for us to support through our monthly spotlight or reach out to us to schedule your own fundraiser!

Here’s to changing the world!


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