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Your Halloween Party Destination in Wexford

I have a confession to make. I love just about everything about Halloween. (Everything but my little ones begging for more candy after I told them they can just have one piece).

And, I love hosting Halloween parties. But, since having kids, we haven’t one. How do you find the time and energy to clean your house, decorate, prepare food and drinks, host it, and then clean up after everyone?!

Now you don’t have to do any of the above, but still get to host a great Halloween night out with your friends and family. For two weeks in October, Your Hangout Spot will be transformed into a Halloween delight. You can rent the space for an adult party or a kids’ party. All decorations are included in the rental fee, as well as clean-up.

Every detail is taken care of just for you. We even have a fog machine for an extra WOW factor!

You just need to bring your own food and beverage (or, for an additional fee, hire us to coordinate everything for you!).

Your friends and family will be super impressed, and you’ll actually get to enjoy your party. So, let us take care of the spooky. Book your Halloween rental today.

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